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30 May Storing Your Drapes and Curtains

Spring cleaning means storage for some curtains you might want to switch out for the season or just change to try something new. But storing curtains and drapes can be a hassle, and improper storage can lead to rips and tears and even fade colors. Luckily, there’s a right way to store drapes and curtains that ensures they’ll remain in great condition.

Once you’ve taken your drapes down, give them a good pat down to remove any dust. Take them to the dry cleaners and have them professionally cleaned to prevent any risk of damaging more delicate fabrics. If your drapes or curtains are clean, take them down and proceed to the next step.

Roll your drapes or curtains out on a clean part of the floor. Fold them in half first to make them easier to manage, and if need be, in half again. Most drapes can be simply folded, but silk, tulle or more delicate fabric can be rolled and placed in a storage tube to keep them safe from damaging sunlight and creases that can become tears.

Storing drapes and curtains for a move? Rolling them up and storing them in tubes is a great way to keep them from wrinkling too much and this method works on drapes of nearly all sizes. Once you’re ready to use them again simply unroll them and hang them back up.

Once you’ve rolled or folded up your drapes, it’s time to put them away. You can store rolled drapery in tubes or even old wrapping paper tubes.  Sturdier drapes can be simply folded and placed in an air-tight container that’s off the ground and away from creepy crawlies and possible moisture or light damage.

Ready to bring your favorite drapes out of storage? Give them a good steam to remove any wrinkles after they’re unfolded and simply hang them back up. Stashing your curtains doesn’t have to be a hassle, just make sure you store them the right way to keep them bright, beautiful, and to avoid any damage.

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17 May Fun Fabric Choices for Drapery and Curtains

Fabric choices are a key part of choosing your homes drapes and curtains. While it was in fashion to pick just one traditional fabric, it’s now more in vogue to change up fabrics based on the room and even based on the season. Let’s discover a few new and fun options for fabric that can make beautiful drapes and curtains.


Depending on the thread count, silk can be heavy and luxurious or light and airy. Color can also greatly influence how silk looks in a room.  A dark silk curtain with a damask print can be a dramatic statement curtain in a bedroom, or a light white silk curtain can open up a kitchen or dining room.


There’s nothing more breath-taking than a stunning velvet drape.  Velvet drapery can add mystery to a study or office that will also block out sunlight very effectively.  Velvet will keep rooms warm and can even be used in a bedroom to frame a chair or bench underneath a window.


Light, breezy and cooling linen makes any dining room, bedroom, or living room feel like a summer beach house. Don’t be afraid to use a colorful linen for a bright pop of color to any room.  Linen can also be used against bay windows for a nautical feel to a room or small kitchen window to keep a room open and bright by allowing in lots of natural light.


Light, colorful and fun tulle can be used as a window covering in a child’s bedroom, playroom or even against a main window. Tulle will block some light but will also keep things cool in a room. The beauty of tulle is its diversity: it comes in a wide variety of colors that can add whimsy to any room.

When you’re ready to make a fun fabric choice for your home, contact Royal Window Fashions for a free in-home consultation.

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