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30 May Storing Your Drapes and Curtains

Spring cleaning means storage for some curtains you might want to switch out for the season or just change to try something new. But storing curtains and drapes can be a hassle, and improper storage can lead to rips and tears and even fade colors. Luckily, there’s a right way to store drapes and curtains that ensures they’ll remain in great condition.

Once you’ve taken your drapes down, give them a good pat down to remove any dust. Take them to the dry cleaners and have them professionally cleaned to prevent any risk of damaging more delicate fabrics. If your drapes or curtains are clean, take them down and proceed to the next step.

Roll your drapes or curtains out on a clean part of the floor. Fold them in half first to make them easier to manage, and if need be, in half again. Most drapes can be simply folded, but silk, tulle or more delicate fabric can be rolled and placed in a storage tube to keep them safe from damaging sunlight and creases that can become tears.

Storing drapes and curtains for a move? Rolling them up and storing them in tubes is a great way to keep them from wrinkling too much and this method works on drapes of nearly all sizes. Once you’re ready to use them again simply unroll them and hang them back up.

Once you’ve rolled or folded up your drapes, it’s time to put them away. You can store rolled drapery in tubes or even old wrapping paper tubes.  Sturdier drapes can be simply folded and placed in an air-tight container that’s off the ground and away from creepy crawlies and possible moisture or light damage.

Ready to bring your favorite drapes out of storage? Give them a good steam to remove any wrinkles after they’re unfolded and simply hang them back up. Stashing your curtains doesn’t have to be a hassle, just make sure you store them the right way to keep them bright, beautiful, and to avoid any damage.

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17 May Fun Fabric Choices for Drapery and Curtains

Fabric choices are a key part of choosing your homes drapes and curtains. While it was in fashion to pick just one traditional fabric, it’s now more in vogue to change up fabrics based on the room and even based on the season. Let’s discover a few new and fun options for fabric that can make beautiful drapes and curtains.


Depending on the thread count, silk can be heavy and luxurious or light and airy. Color can also greatly influence how silk looks in a room.  A dark silk curtain with a damask print can be a dramatic statement curtain in a bedroom, or a light white silk curtain can open up a kitchen or dining room.


There’s nothing more breath-taking than a stunning velvet drape.  Velvet drapery can add mystery to a study or office that will also block out sunlight very effectively.  Velvet will keep rooms warm and can even be used in a bedroom to frame a chair or bench underneath a window.


Light, breezy and cooling linen makes any dining room, bedroom, or living room feel like a summer beach house. Don’t be afraid to use a colorful linen for a bright pop of color to any room.  Linen can also be used against bay windows for a nautical feel to a room or small kitchen window to keep a room open and bright by allowing in lots of natural light.


Light, colorful and fun tulle can be used as a window covering in a child’s bedroom, playroom or even against a main window. Tulle will block some light but will also keep things cool in a room. The beauty of tulle is its diversity: it comes in a wide variety of colors that can add whimsy to any room.

When you’re ready to make a fun fabric choice for your home, contact Royal Window Fashions for a free in-home consultation.

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PERSONA™ Custom Graphic Shades

18 Apr Make a Statement with Graphic Shades

Have a favorite sports team? Love a certain color? Really want your neighbors to know just how much you love a certain comic book or cartoon character? Royal Windows Fashions offers graphic shades to home and business owners. Let’s talk about graphic shades and what they can do for your home or business.

Graphic shades are shades installed on nearly any window that provide a custom fun way to express yourself. You can pick nearly image you want: a sports team logo, a beloved cartoon character or even a custom image or logo. Your image is printed onto the custom shades using computer graphics and printing technology.

Royal Window Fashions will come out to measure your windows for a custom fit. After they’re finished printing, Royal Window Fashions will install your custom graphic shades.Once they’re installed, whenever you close your shades, you’ll be showing off your custom graphic or logo!

Graphic shades are a great advertising option for businesses as well. Restaurants, retail shops and even bars can benefit from being even more visible on the street level with an eye-catching custom graphic on their windows.

Graphic shades are a fun, creative and exciting way to show your support for a favorite team, show off political affiliations or even advertise your business.

Anytime someone passes your home, retail location or office their eyes will be caught by a beautiful custom shade on your windows. If you’re ready for your quote and estimate towards graphic shades: contact Royal Window Fashions today.

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29 Feb 4 Reasons to Invest in Custom Window Treatments

Shopping for window treatments can be hard, especially as a new homeowner. There are many options out there and given that custom window treatments can be an investment, the stakes can feel high. If your head is spinning, relax! That’s what we’re here for.

Making the right decisions for your windows can yield massive benefits for your home’s look and feel, so it’s important to get the best bang for your buck. At Royal Window Fashions, we can ensure that treatments are made to fit YOUR home and will last you longer than something off the rack—saving you money in the long run.

Our experts will help you choose the right treatments for your home in order to reap the following benefits of a custom window design.

  1. Size — Did you know that you can have the ‘same size’ window in a room but the measurements may not be the same? Some windows that look the same can actually vary in size due to the building process. With customization, the treatments are made to fit the exact size of the window.
  2. Fabrics — It won’t be a guessing game while you stand in an aisle thinking – what color are those accent pillows again? Your fabrics will be matched to the paint and furniture in your home. Drapery fabrics that you purchase through a showroom are also much better quality than what you would get in a do-it-yourself store.
  3. Light — By simply making adjustments to the amount of light entering in a room, window treatments have the ability to transform the appearance of a space. A custom design accents a theme or rhythm in a room and helps control light in the way you need it to be controlled. The complete look also adds value to your home.
  4. Height, Color, and Depth — The right window treatments enhance the features of a home and can even create illusions depending on where and how they are placed. For instance, hanging panels or drapes that flow from the ceiling to the floor can create the illusion of height. Layering draperies can add warmth, texture and depth to a space. Sometimes a minimalist treatment is ideal. For example, homes that are elaborately furnished need a simple background. Placing plain blinds composed of neutral colors would add some depth, but doesn’t make the interior look overdone.

The truth is, no amount of research beats going to a showroom to see and touch the options that are available. While you’re there, order swatches of fabrics and materials that interest you so you can see how they will look in your home.

Ready to transform your living space and add value to your home? Call Royal Window Fashions today to schedule an in-home or office visit! (210) 528-1340


Sources: Fine Designs & Interiors and Maggie’s Shutters

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20 Feb Plantation Shutters – Add Value to Your Home Interior

Many associate traditional plantation shutters with the historical height of the South, reminiscing about old plantations and huge, grandiose mansions. Although plantation shutters did gain their popularity and unique style during this time, shutters date back to ancient Greece.

Shutters were originally designed to serve three basic functions: light control, ventilation, and protection. Although they still serve these purposes today, modern shutters also serve a much more decorative function.

Custom shutters elevate the design of any room, as they look more like an architectural element than a window treatment. Plantation shutters provide a simple and stylish solution that compliments almost every style of interior design from traditional to contemporary, while helping improve your home’s resale value thanks to their universal appeal. They are also versatile and less expensive than custom draperies.

If you have a home with gorgeous windows, you want to make sure you choose the perfect window covering so you can enjoy every aspect of your windows. For a classic look, choose white plantation shutters to lighten up your home and offer a timeless and inviting addition to a room’s décor. This classic look works great in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. If you’re looking for a more elegant and refined look, a dark wood variety is the perfect fit for home offices, dining rooms, or the master bedroom.

Royal Window Fashions offers both premium quality hardwood, and reinforced poly plantation shutters. Our hardwood shutters offer the classic quality, beauty and elegance of North American Basswood. Featuring custom paints and stains, our fine furniture quality hardwood shutters are sure to help increase the value of your home.

Our poly plantation shutters are a beautifully engineered wood substitute option, and are manufactured with the best compound and highest technology.

All of our shutters feature furniture quality construction at critical joints to ensure they will not come apart. And to back up our promise, all Royal Window Fashions shutters come with a written Limited Lifetime Warranty! Call (210) 528-1340 today for a consultation.


(Source: Houzz, Budget Blinds, ThePlantationShutterCo)

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16 Feb Organic Materials Rule Window Treatments in 2016

Just like any trend, home decorating trends evolve. And for 2016 experts are saying that window treatments, like much of home design, are leaning more toward using more natural and organic materials.

Popular amongst environmentally conscious homeowners, organic window treatments increase energy efficiency and are constructed from recycled and sustainable materials. Synthetics used on shutters and blinds are now being replaced with natural, organic materials such as bamboo and wood.

Aside from being environmentally conscious, organic treatments are also cost-effective and good for our overall health. Made without abrasive chemicals or dyes and less likely to trigger allergies, there’s no surprise why these are a hit. Top it off with their stylish and durable qualities that allow just enough light in while providing considerable privacy, and you really can have it all!

Whether your goal is to provide a warm and secure atmosphere for family gatherings, conserving energy, or simply controlling afternoon glare at work, organic shades are up for the job. Pair them with organic cotton curtains for a beautifully unique, sustainable, and healthy window! Or use them as a covering all its own to highlight other features in your home. For example, bamboo shades provide ample privacy for a living room while letting large windows act as an architectural backdrop. The simplicity of organic shades softens windows in rooms that are already accented by a large rug or other decorative elements. Not every room should be covered in strong, bold fabrics- and organic shades are the perfect alternative.

We can expect this trend in natural organic window treatments to extend well beyond 2016 as environmental sustainability grows as a priority in all homes. So give Royal Window Fashions a call at (210) 528-1340 to schedule an in-home or office visit and jump on the organic bandwagon!


(Sources: Realty Today & Houzz)

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22 Dec Let the Light Shine with Top-down/ Bottom-up Window Shades

Let the light shine through even after the holidays! Ever want to open the shades on a beautiful day but feel too exposed? Royal Window Fashions has you covered.

Introducing top-down/bottom-up window shades. This innovative solution adds sophistication and versatility to any family room. With the ability to raise the shade from the bottom AND lower it from the top you’ll get the privacy of regular shades while still allowing natural light to shine through.

If you live on a ground level or in a highly populated region this trend is definitely for you. During the day you can move freely about your home without concern of wandering eyes, while natural light fills your room from above. And at night- you can view the stars or city lights from your own home.

With independent top and bottom handles or lift cords, position your blinds fully open, fully drawn, or any combination in between. For increased child and pet safety, you can choose a cordless style and simply maneuver your shades with handles at the top and bottom. For hard to reach windows it’s best to stick with standard lift cords for reachability.

This trend also gives way to different shade options, although roman shades are the most common.

Ready to liven up your home by integrating the top trends in window treatments? At Royal Window Fashions, we have a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles to match your taste. And pricing won’t be a problem; we are the assembly line, the factory and the distributor so we can offer significant savings and lower prices than many distributors. Call us at (210) 528-1340 to schedule an in-home or office visit!

Sources: Blinds Galore & Old World Interiors

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23 Nov Make a Statement With Graphic Shades

Have you ever wanted to shake up your décor just a bit?  Especially in a room that is meant to be fun or whimsical, like a home theater room, game room or even your child’s room?  Enter Royal Window Fashions Custom Designed Graphic Shades!  You supply the image and we’ll print it on a roller shade or cellular shade.

These products are an excellent way to reflect your personality and style.  When you consider all of the choices out there, it opens up a world of design ideas.  We can reproduce your favorite paintings, art work, photos, logos or stylish designs and add them to your window treatments.

Imagine being able to shade the windows in your home theater room with a backdrop from Casablanca or another classic movie.  Are you a Star Wars Fan?  How about a scene from one of your favorite installments?  Think about your child’s bedroom.  How excited would they be for their very own window shade to be a replica of their award winning art project they did at school?

Do you own a business?  Think about the marketing opportunities that abound by putting your products on your window treatments.  Not only would they be eye-catching to those who pass your business but they would also be a great way to promote your wares in the very best and professional light.

Are you a Sports Fan?  Highlight your favorite team, their logo and their players on your man cave windows.

If you are looking for a classier look for a more formal room, think about famous works of art or beautiful outdoor landscapes that could be added to your room when the shades are drawn.

Royal Window Fashions loves to think outside the box.  Our reputation of quality workmanship and materials are second to none.  Give us a call for a free estimate and let us help you make your personality shine in your home or business.

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12 Nov See The Light With Odysee Insulating Blinds

Royal Window Fashions loves innovative ideas and products.  We are proud to offer Odysee Insulating Blinds to our clients.  These blinds are energy efficient like a cellular shade but offer light control in the same fashion that wood blinds do.

Odysee Blinds are manufactured into soft “honeycomb” type cells.  They have a clean look and design as their cords are hidden from sight.  They can offer complete privacy when you desire it while their progressive design can still provide a completely open view when the blinds are neatly folded when raised.

The light control provided by Odysee is exceptional.  They provide options for adding more light for you space or taking it to the opposite extreme and in providing a modern way to darken a room or space.

With Odysee Blinds, you will find better insulation resulting in energy savings.  These impressive blinds also expand to block drafts from the window.  They are conveniently operated like a regular blind but can tidily compress to allow you a clear view of the outdoors whenever you want it.  With Odysee, you have more opportunities to control how light and how dark you want your living areas.  Odysee blinds are easy to operate, are compact and are white on the outside, giving your home a uniform look from the exterior.

Odysee blinds are so versatile, you could use them in any room, especially those with which you have various light and privacy issues.  Since they are so easily adjustable and customizable, the look and feel is left entirely up to you.

Royal Window Fashions is always happy to help you find the right product for your needs and personality.  Before you go out and invest in wood blinds, explore your options with our Odysee Insulating Blinds to see the difference and the versatility they offer. You might just be surprised. That’s the Odysee advantage!

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22 Oct Here’s How Window Films Can Save You Money and Keep You Safe

Take a moment and think of all the ways we waste energy in our homes. The first things that usually come to mind are leaving the lights on, leaving a door open, or even an inefficient heating and cooling system. But have you ever thought about your windows? No, not just leaving them open or checking their seals. What about the sunlight coming through the windowpanes, heating up your home? You may think there is nothing you can do about sunlight, but Royal Window Fashions can offer you a solution: window films.

We all love our windows. They provide us great views and sunshine, allowing us to live with less electricity and more natural light. But sometimes they give us more than we bargained for when it comes to solar heat.

Applying window film will not take away from the beauty of your windows, but will instead absorb and reflect unwanted heat, keeping your rooms at a comfortable temperature.  Here’s how it works: Installing solar control window film will increase the amount of solar energy both reflected and absorbed by the window. Most of the radiation is deflected outward, lowering the temperature in your home and lowering your energy bill.

The benefits don’t stop there. While the primary advantage is energy efficiency, window film can increase the life of your carpeting and furniture by decreasing the risk of fading due to the sunlight coming through your windows. This decreased light will allow better visibility on your television and computer screens and will keep the glare off of your framed artwork and photographs.

Royal Window Fashions is dedicated to helping our customers lower their energy costs with products that work and are pleasing to the eye. We have many options to choose from when it comes to window films. Contact us now for a free in-home consultation!


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