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Motorization for Draperies » Royal Window Fashions
Royal Window Fashions is known for its custom-made window treatments. Our custom drapery and curtains reflect our craftsmanship that perfectly fits every taste. Learn more at
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Motorization for Draperies

Motorization for Draperies

Motorization for your draperies provides you with convenience and elegance at the touch of a button. Open and close your drapes with perfect precision and at the same time. Motorizing your drapes does more than remove the need for unsightly poles and cords. Other benefits, include:

1. Convenience

Going throughout your home or business and opening every window takes time that could be spent doing other tasks. When you choose motorized drapery, you can open all of the windows with the touch of a button, and even set the drapes on a timer so they open automatically.

2. Greater Accessibility

Even if your window drapes are at a comfortable level, that doesn’t mean they’re always accessible. Motorized window drapes are the perfect option for the elderly, those who are bed-ridden or on temporary bed rest, and those who simply don’t want to get out of the bed in the morning. With motorized drapes, you can open the windows from anywhere.

3. Improved Home Security

Permanently closed windows can signal burglars that your home is unoccupied. Motorized window drapes set on a timer can open during the day and close at night to give the illusion that someone is home.

With so many great benefits, motorized window drapes are the clear choice! When you’re ready to install motorized window drapes to benefit your home or business, look no further than Royal Window Fashions. We provide quick and efficient delivery and installation service to help you enjoy the benefits of motorized drapes faster.