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Summer is heating up and an exterior shade or awning can help keep your outdoor spaces nice and cool.
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For the Love of Shade

09 Jun For the Love of Shade

Summer is in full swing and it’s heating up for many parts of the country. Summer often also means outdoor entertaining, which can get hot quickly during these months. An awning or exterior shade can help guard your patio and outdoor spaces from the sun’s harmful rays. There is a big difference between an awning and an exterior shade though both keep patios and outdoor spaces cool. An awning is an exterior covering that is usually motorized but can also be hand operated that extends to cover a patio or outdoor space. An exterior shade is usually along a flat surface and doesn’t extend out but still blocks sunlight by acting as an interior shade would but made out of a more sturdy material that can stand up to the elements.

What’s the benefit of installing an exterior shade or awning? An awning or set of exterior shades are a good way to reclaim outdoor spaces from the oppressive summer heat. In addition to protecting from sunlight awnings and exterior shades can also keep away pests like bugs away from patios and other outdoor spots. Having a covered, cool space makes backyard barbecues, social gatherings or just relaxing outside even more enjoyable. Exterior shades are easy to care for and only require the occasional wipe down if they have a spot or stain on them. Awnings do require a bit more care. When you’re ready to go back inside just roll your awning back in using either its motorized mechanism or retract your awning with the hand-powered mechanism. A good rinse with a water hose should suffice to clean your awning most of the time from common concerns like debris, leaves and dirt. Awnings come in a wide variety of fabric choices from more sturdy and durable choices to lighter options.


Caring for awnings and exterior shades is far from daunting and is a great way to relish in the summer sun without things getting too sunny. Proper care will help ensure that your awning or exterior shade will be a valuable investment for years to come. If you’re ready to take back your patio, call Royal Window fashions for a consolation on awnings or exterior shades.