Motorized Window Treatments » Royal Window Fashions
Motorized Window Treatments » Royal Window Fashions
Motorized blinds and shades offer convenience at the touch of a button. Open and close or raise and lower without the need to manually lift heavy or hard to reach window treatments.View our selection in our showroom. Call us 210-733-5444.
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Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments let you control lighting and privacy preferences at the touch of a button. They save time by simultaneously opening or closing window coverings throughout your home, even on those hard to reach windows. Royal Window Fashions is a leading provider and installer of specialized motors and control systems. We offer and install the best window covering motorization systems available.

Motorization Benefits:

1. Energy Savings

Program your window coverings on timers to open and close at specific times during the day to save on energy costs.

2. Automation

A hot, sunny day can trigger your AC unit to go into overdrive. Install a sensor to signal the motorized shades to close when the sun’s at its brightest.

3. Safety

Motorized window coverings eliminate the need for dangling cords so they are kid-friendly and pet-safe.

4. Security & Privacy

Timers allow you to open and close your window coverings on a predetermined schedule, when you’re home or on vacation.

5. UV Protection

Program your window coverings to close when the sun is shining bright to keep fabrics, rugs, upholstery and artwork from fading.

6. Convenience

Motorized window coverings allow you to raise and lower them at the touch of a button. This is especially convenient for hard to reach windows.

Motorized window coverings powered offer so many benefits. At Royal Window Fashions, you can choose from a wide array of control options such as wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and timers.

Whether you prefer shutters, drapes, blinds, or shades all our popular window coverings can be motorized. To learn more about motorized window coverings, contact Royal Window Fashions!