Remote Controls » Royal Window Fashions
Remote Controls » Royal Window Fashions
Motorized blinds and shades offer convenience at the touch of a button. Open and close or raise and lower without the need to manually lift heavy or hard to reach window treatments. To learn more call us at 210-733-5444
Motorized blinds, remote control blinds, custom window coverings
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Remote Controls

Remote Controls

We offer a variety of remote controls to suit your needs. You can combine remotes, wall switches, sun sensors, and timers to control one window covering or groups of window coverings.

  • Radio Frequency eliminates the need to point or aim the remote at a window covering or group of coverings to raise or lower the shades.
  • Simplicity Motorization is simple and straight forward with hand-held remote.
  • Somfy Motors are available with hand-held remotes, timers and wall switches.

telis-4-pure-bigTelis RTS Hand-Held Remotes

Choose from a 1 channel or 5 channel remote for individual or group control of your Comfortex Window Fashions from up to 65 feet away. Pressing the “MY” button on the transmitter will automatically send the window shade or blind to the pre-set “favorite” position.

modulis-5 Telis Modulis RTS Hand-Held Reports

Choose from a 1 channel or 5 channel remotes with a scroll wheel for precision tilting of your Comfortex Shangri-La Shadings.

chronis-RTS-Wireless-timerChronis RTS Wireless Timer

The single channel programmable timer is used with all RTS enabled motorization systems.

Decoflex_229DecoFlex Wirefree™ Wall Switches

These wireless wall switches with built in Radio Technology Somfy that can be personalized for easy control of 1 window covering or up to five groups of window coverings. DecoFlex Wirefree™ switches features up, down and stop functions and “my” favorite position on each channel.

Sunis-IndoorWFCombing the Chronis RTS Wireless Timers with the Sunis Indoor WireFreeTM RTS Sun Sensor to automatically adjust window coverings to the changing sunlight to provide energy savings throughout the day.