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Latest News » Page 2 of 3 » Royal Window Fashions
Royal Window Fashions has been crafting custom window treatments for 30 years. Our shades, blinds and drapery are custom made to suit your needs. View our selection online at, or in our showroom. Call us 210-733-5444
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Latest News

22 Dec Let the Light Shine with Top-down/ Bottom-up Window Shades

Let the light shine through even after the holidays! Ever want to open the shades on a beautiful day but feel too exposed? Royal Window Fashions has you covered.

Introducing top-down/bottom-up window shades. This innovative solution adds sophistication and versatility to any family room. With the ability to raise the shade from the bottom AND lower it from the top you’ll get the privacy of regular shades while still allowing natural light to shine through.

If you live on a ground level or in a highly populated region this trend is definitely for you. During the day you can move freely about your home without concern of wandering eyes, while natural light fills your room from above. And at night- you can view the stars or city lights from your own home.

With independent top and bottom handles or lift cords, position your blinds fully open, fully drawn, or any combination in between. For increased child and pet safety, you can choose a cordless style and simply maneuver your shades with handles at the top and bottom. For hard to reach windows it’s best to stick with standard lift cords for reachability.

This trend also gives way to different shade options, although roman shades are the most common.

Ready to liven up your home by integrating the top trends in window treatments? At Royal Window Fashions, we have a wide variety of materials, colors, and styles to match your taste. And pricing won’t be a problem; we are the assembly line, the factory and the distributor so we can offer significant savings and lower prices than many distributors. Call us at (210) 528-1340 to schedule an in-home or office visit!

Sources: Blinds Galore & Old World Interiors

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11 Dec Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Cellular Slumbershades

The Ultimate Blackout Cellular Shade from Royal Window Fashions

Research shows that sleeping in a dark, quiet room can help manage your sleep, your mood and your energy, and help you wake up feeling refreshed and alert. SlumberShades combine energy efficient and insulating blackout cellular shades with a light blocking sidetrack, creating a amazingly dark room for a long, deep and restful night of sleep.

SlumberShades Fabric

SlumberShades are available with Premiere Blackout, Baritone Blackout, Symphony Blackout and Virtuoso Blackout fabric collections. Silk Essence, Symphony, Virtuoso and Debut Light Filtering fabrics are also available as SlumberShades, however the best light control is achieved when selecting a blackout cellular fabric.

  • Energy EfficiencyGet a good night sleep and don’t worry about your utility bill with SlumberShades.  Independent testing has shown SlumberShades provide an R-value greater than 7.0 when installed over a double paned vinyl window. The testing indicates that the R-value of a SlumberShade is 2.5 to 3 times higher than that of the same shade without sidetracks.
  • SafetySlumberShades are made with a child safe breakthrough cord connector or cordless hardware options.

Non Woven Polyester Fabric

Our cellular fabric is a non woven polyester. You’ll benefit from:

  • UV Protection: nearly 100% of harmful UV rays are blocked
  • Easy Cleaning: durable, washable, dust resistant, will not fray or fade
  • Pleat retention: Your shade retains its beautiful look
  • Color Choices: Choose from a variety of colors

Our goal is to make you a completely satisfied customer. Call us now for a free in-home or in-business consultation.


(Source: Comfortex)

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23 Nov Make a Statement With Graphic Shades

Have you ever wanted to shake up your décor just a bit?  Especially in a room that is meant to be fun or whimsical, like a home theater room, game room or even your child’s room?  Enter Royal Window Fashions Custom Designed Graphic Shades!  You supply the image and we’ll print it on a roller shade or cellular shade.

These products are an excellent way to reflect your personality and style.  When you consider all of the choices out there, it opens up a world of design ideas.  We can reproduce your favorite paintings, art work, photos, logos or stylish designs and add them to your window treatments.

Imagine being able to shade the windows in your home theater room with a backdrop from Casablanca or another classic movie.  Are you a Star Wars Fan?  How about a scene from one of your favorite installments?  Think about your child’s bedroom.  How excited would they be for their very own window shade to be a replica of their award winning art project they did at school?

Do you own a business?  Think about the marketing opportunities that abound by putting your products on your window treatments.  Not only would they be eye-catching to those who pass your business but they would also be a great way to promote your wares in the very best and professional light.

Are you a Sports Fan?  Highlight your favorite team, their logo and their players on your man cave windows.

If you are looking for a classier look for a more formal room, think about famous works of art or beautiful outdoor landscapes that could be added to your room when the shades are drawn.

Royal Window Fashions loves to think outside the box.  Our reputation of quality workmanship and materials are second to none.  Give us a call for a free estimate and let us help you make your personality shine in your home or business.

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12 Nov See The Light With Odysee Insulating Blinds

Royal Window Fashions loves innovative ideas and products.  We are proud to offer Odysee Insulating Blinds to our clients.  These blinds are energy efficient like a cellular shade but offer light control in the same fashion that wood blinds do.

Odysee Blinds are manufactured into soft “honeycomb” type cells.  They have a clean look and design as their cords are hidden from sight.  They can offer complete privacy when you desire it while their progressive design can still provide a completely open view when the blinds are neatly folded when raised.

The light control provided by Odysee is exceptional.  They provide options for adding more light for you space or taking it to the opposite extreme and in providing a modern way to darken a room or space.

With Odysee Blinds, you will find better insulation resulting in energy savings.  These impressive blinds also expand to block drafts from the window.  They are conveniently operated like a regular blind but can tidily compress to allow you a clear view of the outdoors whenever you want it.  With Odysee, you have more opportunities to control how light and how dark you want your living areas.  Odysee blinds are easy to operate, are compact and are white on the outside, giving your home a uniform look from the exterior.

Odysee blinds are so versatile, you could use them in any room, especially those with which you have various light and privacy issues.  Since they are so easily adjustable and customizable, the look and feel is left entirely up to you.

Royal Window Fashions is always happy to help you find the right product for your needs and personality.  Before you go out and invest in wood blinds, explore your options with our Odysee Insulating Blinds to see the difference and the versatility they offer. You might just be surprised. That’s the Odysee advantage!

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22 Oct Here’s How Window Films Can Save You Money and Keep You Safe

Take a moment and think of all the ways we waste energy in our homes. The first things that usually come to mind are leaving the lights on, leaving a door open, or even an inefficient heating and cooling system. But have you ever thought about your windows? No, not just leaving them open or checking their seals. What about the sunlight coming through the windowpanes, heating up your home? You may think there is nothing you can do about sunlight, but Royal Window Fashions can offer you a solution: window films.

We all love our windows. They provide us great views and sunshine, allowing us to live with less electricity and more natural light. But sometimes they give us more than we bargained for when it comes to solar heat.

Applying window film will not take away from the beauty of your windows, but will instead absorb and reflect unwanted heat, keeping your rooms at a comfortable temperature.  Here’s how it works: Installing solar control window film will increase the amount of solar energy both reflected and absorbed by the window. Most of the radiation is deflected outward, lowering the temperature in your home and lowering your energy bill.

The benefits don’t stop there. While the primary advantage is energy efficiency, window film can increase the life of your carpeting and furniture by decreasing the risk of fading due to the sunlight coming through your windows. This decreased light will allow better visibility on your television and computer screens and will keep the glare off of your framed artwork and photographs.

Royal Window Fashions is dedicated to helping our customers lower their energy costs with products that work and are pleasing to the eye. We have many options to choose from when it comes to window films. Contact us now for a free in-home consultation!


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21 Oct Our Partnership With Sun Control Will Have You Made in the Shade!

Royal Window Fashions is proud to announce our new partnership with Sun Control Retractable Shades.  Sun Control, headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, is no stranger to the blistering sun and the damage it can do to your home exterior, interior and energy bills.  Through Sun Control and their fifteen years of experience in the business, Royal Window Fashions can now offer these versatile solutions to South Texans through custom retractable shades of the highest quality.

Sun Control’s superior shades can fulfill your home and business needs.  No job is too big or too small as Sun Control and Royal Window Fashions can modify the product to meet any and all specifications.

From retractable awnings and roller shades with classic designs to complete black out shades, these systems will protect your home and furnishings as well as save you money in energy expenses.

Give us a call now to learn more about Sun Control products and to set up a free consultation in your home or business.  We are thrilled to show you this exciting new line of merchandise.


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08 Oct Elegant and Practical: Illusion Blinds

If you’re looking for an elegant window treatment, Illusion Blinds may be the perfect fit for you and your home. Illusion blinds, sometimes known as transition shades, can add a versatile look to any room in your house. With a streamlined look and clean appearance, this window product can be easily adjusted to allow in the light that you want and give you the privacy that you need.

These multipurpose blinds are made from lightweight louvers that hang between two separate sheets of fabric that are traditionally somewhat sheer. This progressive design will allow you to adjust the direction of the louvers without compromising your privacy.  Illusion blinds are easy to use, long lasting and will meet your needs no matter what time of the day or evening. Here’s how they function: when the louvers are closed, they overlap, causing incoming light to become muted and creating a warm, luster to your room. When you open the louvers, more light is filtered in. This allows you to enjoy the sunlight and, with the sheer shade material, still be able to appreciate your outside view. They can also be raised and lowered like traditional shades, giving you multiple options depending on your wishes.

With illusion blinds, you can choose different colors and fabrics. Though their design is a bit on the modern side, they are also sophisticated and classic looking. This product can be combined with just about any style furnishing or window treatment, giving you many choices with your current décor and fashion.

Royal Window Fashions can customize Illusion Blinds for any sized window and can help you transform your home into the retreat you’ve always wanted. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation.


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28 Sep The Best Window Treatments for Allergies

Fall is upon us in South Texas and with autumn comes seasonal allergies.  After a hot summer, we all are anxious for the cooler weather but probably not all the sneezing and itchy, watery eyes.

You can relieve the effects of allergies by being diligent in your home cleaning and vacuuming and dusting regularly.  But you can also ease the pain by changing up your window and door treatments. Most allergens flow into the home through open windows and doors and your window and door treatments can protect you right from the start. Royal Window Fashions offers multiple solutions for allergy sufferers so that you can enjoy the upcoming seasons.

Vertical Blinds

Thanks to gravity, vertical blinds are less apt to collect dust than horizontal blinds.  They are also much easier to clean, using a mild soap and water mixture and a downward wiping motion, you’ll rid yourself of allergens in no time.

Organic Materials

We know organic materials are good for the earth, but, just like organic foods, they are good for our health as well.  Organic cotton curtains are made without abrasive chemicals or dyes and are less likely to trigger any allergic reactions.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo is not only stylish and durable, but it can stand the test of time in just about any climate.  They are easy to clean and hypoallergenic.

When seasonal allergies set in, don’t lock yourself up in your home and miss out on the great weather we have earned this summer.  With some simple redecorating using hypoallergenic window and door treatments, you may find yourself cured!

(source: stricklandwindowcoverings)

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14 Sep Plantation Shutters Add Class and Beauty

Are you considering plantation shutters? A staple of the south in past, true plantations shutters gained popularity because the louvers are wider, letting in more light and keeping the outside view open. With Royal Window Fashions you have many options with your shutters and the customization we can provide to suit your style and budget. We know you’ll love the way they look.

Shutters can be used in all kinds of rooms. Some shutters are designed with a divider rail. This is popular for bathrooms and other areas where privacy is a concern. The lower louvers can remain closed while the top ones remain open, giving you the natural light you desire.

You can also choose from different styles and louver sizes. The 3.5 inch louver is more conventional and is a good pick for rooms that are average sized without vaulted or high ceilings. If your room is quite large, you may want to go with a larger louvre, such as 4.5 inches. This generally gives a finer look and feel to a large space.

When shopping for plantation shutters, there are important features to look for. At Royal Window Fashions, we will measure your window exactly and build your shutters to fit. How your shutters are designed will depend on the size and shape of your windows, the surroundings in the room, as well as your own personal tastes. Have odd shaped windows? No problem. We can custom design shutters to fit any shape or size window.

Plantation shutters can add class and beauty to your home, whether you decide on one room or all rooms. Give us a call for a free in-home consultation!


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21 Aug The Most Effective Ways To Overcome Ground Floor Privacy Problems

If you live in an apartment, condominium, or have a first floor bedroom of any sort, you may find it challenging to find the right window treatments for your room without cutting out all light sources and darkening the space.

Some options that may be of help are faux wood plantation blinds or bamboo shades.  Faux wood blinds can be easily opened and closed with a cord allowing light in or out of all the slats of the covering.  These work great if you don’t mind the window being mostly uncovered at the times you have the blinds open.  Bamboo shades are drawn from the bottom up, so you can control how many inches of light you want open at the bottom of the shade.  Another benefit to bamboo is that even when they are closed, light can still filter through the small openings between the bamboo.  Both of these choices of blinds will grant you the seclusion you need and still trickle some light into your room or spaces.

Another popular idea are Roman shades that can be drawn from the top or the bottom.  By drawing the shades from the top down, these shades can help in giving you the privacy you desire but may conceal your view at the same time.

Lastly many first floor tenants choose to layer their windows by adding a dark curtain or black out curtain along with the window shades.  These curtains can be drawn when you need complete privacy and opened when you want more natural light.  You can be assured of complete privacy with layering curtains and shades together. Other benefits of layering shades and curtains is that they will save you money on energy costs, deter intruders, and keep you in the shade.  Keep in mind that many complexes and buildings require a white backing on drapes as it looks better from the street. You might need to check with your landlord on what color the drapes need to be on the side that faces the window.

Call on Royal Window Fashions if you need advice on how to solve privacy issues with your window treatments.  We have many examples and ideas that can work for you.


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