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23 Jun Summer Color Shake Up

Summer is in full swing and for many it’s time to rethink their curtains. Summer’s bright vibrancy is a great style inspiration for your home’s curtain choices. Here’s some inspiration for summer color changes. Summer is bright and warm and colors that reflect that like yellow, orange and reds that can be inspired by the warm summersun. These colors are great for warm themed rooms or as a bright color pop in a neutral room like a living room or kitchen with other accented items to bring the room together. If you prefer subtler colors try coral for a tropical and light feeling to a bedroom. Nautical themes and style accents are almost always in style and look especially great during the summer; the navy blue and white of common nautical themes bring light and summery vibes to any study or living room.

Fabrics can also help shake up your home when it comes to curtain choices. Light linens in white can help keep a room summer ready. Cotton curtains are great for keeping rooms cool and their wide variety of colors and patterns make them great options for almost any room of the house.Summery pattern options include wide stripes, large dots and color blocks. Color blocked curtains can be fantastic Summer style addition to white or neutral colored curtains like coral and white or yellow with orange. Wide navy stripes on white or white with large navy stripes can make a feel nautical almost instantly.

Summer’s bright colors and warm temperatures are fantastic additions to any home. Don’t be afraid to bring in summer’s vibrancy into any room of your home and since curtains can be easily changed out summer is a great time for a style update if you’re looking to liven up any room in your home.

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22 Apr Spring Drapery Design Tips

Spring is in the air. Many are cleaning our homes and for even more people it’s time for a Spring-inspired look for their homes. Here are a few helpful tips on bringing Spring into the home. An important note to make is the difference between curtains and drapes. Curtains are sheer lighter panels of fabric that hang on a rod and are closer to the window. Drapes are typically made from heavier fabrics that make a bolder design statement, and are usually more formal in appearance.

How drapes are pleated and held can dramatically change the appearance of a room.

An elegant Josephine cut can make a dramatic and elegant statement. Pleats can also add to the to the formality of a dining room or study like a goblet pleat.

For more informal looks: tabbed tops are traditional and easygoing. Slouch draperies can make a bedroom more inviting and brighter.

An inverted pinch pleat can take the normally formal pleats and add some fun to them. A grommet top can be informal or formal depending on the color selection.

Curtain and drapery rods are a good way to add expression to the room. A fleur de lis, or other pattern or shape can add personality to a room.A ball-shaped end to a curtain rod can be informal and casual. A bell-shaped curtain rod end piece can add elegance and grace.

Rings depending on size and color can be versatile additions to any room be it study, bedroom or dining room.

The way drapes are hung can also radically change a room’s appearance. A reverse hourglass gives off a homey but sophisticated vibe. A full hourglass is formal: perfect for any dinner party.

Contact Royal Window Fashions today to schedule an in-home appointment to measure, select the perfect fabrics, design, fabricate and install your fine draperies in time for your next special event.

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PERSONA™ Custom Graphic Shades

18 Apr Make a Statement with Graphic Shades

Have a favorite sports team? Love a certain color? Really want your neighbors to know just how much you love a certain comic book or cartoon character? Royal Windows Fashions offers graphic shades to home and business owners. Let’s talk about graphic shades and what they can do for your home or business.

Graphic shades are shades installed on nearly any window that provide a custom fun way to express yourself. You can pick nearly image you want: a sports team logo, a beloved cartoon character or even a custom image or logo. Your image is printed onto the custom shades using computer graphics and printing technology.

Royal Window Fashions will come out to measure your windows for a custom fit. After they’re finished printing, Royal Window Fashions will install your custom graphic shades.Once they’re installed, whenever you close your shades, you’ll be showing off your custom graphic or logo!

Graphic shades are a great advertising option for businesses as well. Restaurants, retail shops and even bars can benefit from being even more visible on the street level with an eye-catching custom graphic on their windows.

Graphic shades are a fun, creative and exciting way to show your support for a favorite team, show off political affiliations or even advertise your business.

Anytime someone passes your home, retail location or office their eyes will be caught by a beautiful custom shade on your windows. If you’re ready for your quote and estimate towards graphic shades: contact Royal Window Fashions today.

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